The comfortable ski carry.

Carrying your skis just got easier!

If you have ever had to carry your skis, you know how uncomfortable and awkward it can be at times. The patented SkiPad is the perfect solution; composed of high quality gel and durable rubber, it creates a comfortable pillow for your shoulder to make carrying skis effortless. 

HomeThe all-new SkiPad is more than just a neat accessory to take to the slopes – it is a thoughtfully designed tool to make your time off the skis more enjoyable. Small and compact, the SkiPad  is perfect for skiers of all ages and skill levels. The Velcro strap attaches to any skis and is designed to rest against the shoulder as you carry them; it can also hold the poles and the skis together all in one convenient package comfortably cushioned between your shoulder and the hard surface.

Now, thanks to the SkiPad, you can carry your skis up to the peak, down to the parking lot without concern for the discomfort that invariably sets in after a short while. Let’s face it – carrying your skis is probably the least enjoyable part of your day at the slopes. Who would have thought that this small tool could make such a big difference? But it does.  When carrying your skis becomes as easy as walking, your snow adventure becomes that much more enjoyable.

Try the SkiPad today to maximize the level of awesome you experience on your next excursion. You won’t regret making your ski adventure easier, and your shoulders will thank you at the end of your day.